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The clearance sale of knitting wool is over

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For stitchery kits

Santa Claus - borduurpakket met telpatroon Luca-S |  | Artikelnummer: luca-b563

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The new reward program


The new system to reward our customers as of 1 January 2017:

Each product you buy has a certain point value which is converted into Euro over time.


At that point a shopping voucher in Euro will be automatically sent with your order. It is as if you receive a banknote in Euro.


The value of the Euro vouchers can vary. So the value of your voucher will always be a surprise.


Also the timing when you receive your voucher will be a surprise. 


Swift payment generates extra points. 


Grouping your orders also increases the number of points you get. There is no need to order more, just a bit of foresight is enough.  
Here’s an example: 1 order of 5 random products with a total value of 50 Euro will generate more points than the same 5 products ordered in 5 separate orders.


Why do you get more points for quick payment and grouped orders?

1. Because you help us save space (the space in the reservations area of our warehouse is limited and reserved orders take up much space when they need to stay there for a prolonged period of time)

2. Because you help us save money and time (processing 1 order of 5 products takes up a considerably shorter time and lower shipping costs than when the same order has to be processed as 5 orders and needs to be sent in 5 different parcels).

When you help us then we reward you, because that is how it was, and that is how it will be: give a little, take a little.




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